Our research unit quantitative analysis research group (QuARG) is interested in the various quantitative techniques: statistics, econometrics, operations research, and game theory. We try to apply these quantitative techniques to various interesting issues in economics, finance, and management. Among the themes on which we have already worked and intend to continue to work, there are energy, renewable energy, environmental protection, R&D, international trade, corporate finance, market finance, management, economic growth, and health. Some of our research work has concerned and will directly concern Tunisia.

Our objective is to carry out research programs of very good quality and justified by publications in internationally recognized and indexed journals while helping master’s and thesis students to carry out high-quality research work.

QuARG actively participates in the organization of international conferences and encourages its members to actively collaborate with other researchers and laboratories.

QuARG is willing to sign research programs and consultations with national and international organizations.

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